For thousands of years, Religious Jewish art has been produced by Jewish people that has touched the hearts of both their own people and Gentiles. As exemplified by Jewish artists all over the world, there is magnetism to Judaic art that draws people in no matter what their background or faith. In this particular painting, we are drawn in with the dark nature and the beauty of it while reminded of our leaders in the community. The pain they went through throughout the years and continuing to paint through their difficult time. It's almost as if you can see their pain through their paintings.

About the painting

This particular piece of Religious Jewish art was done by a Jewish artist Issachar Ber Ryback, who lived from 1897-1935 in the Ukraine. The painting is entitled “Rabbi”. The use of both dark and light hues cause us to see the emotion and pain in the Rabbi’s face, while taking us to another location entirely, one that exists only in our minds. Jewish Paintings such as this exemplify the struggles and triumphs of the Jewish community and remind us of where we have come from.

In general, Religious Jewish art may be bought and sold at various art galleries around the world. Whether an individual wants a painting for their home, business, or religious synagogue there are plenty of pieces to choose from. Visual arts are extremely important to the Jewish people, and are regularly a part of religious ceremonies and hold an important place in their hearts. No matter the artist, Jewish art can transform outside opinions or shed light on the entire country of people, and our goal is to bring exclusive Jewish art into the mainstream. The culture of those of the Jewish faith should not be hidden but instead, it should be shouted from the rooftops.

As you stare into the eyes of the man you see in this piece of religious Jewish art you may find yourself imagining all that the Jewish people have been through. From hundreds of years in slavery to the modern day Holocaust, the hand of pain has touched every aspect of Jewish culture. However, this painting is a pure representation of how far the Jewish people have come, and how far they have yet to go.

If you wish to purchase this painting in its reproduction form we do have it available 
"Rabbi" by  Issachar Ber Ryback