Frequently Asked Questions   

1. What is the difference between a canvas print (Giclée) and an oil painting reproduction?

A canvas print is an image printed directly onto canvas with a computer printer using ink at high resolution. An oil painting reproduction is a museum quality oil painting, painted by hand using an experienced artist with oil paint. No printing or digital imaging is ever used.

2. What kind of materials do you use?

Our artists use only the best oil paint and canvas for our museum quality paintings.

3. Does a reproduction look 100% like the original?

It is impossible to create any reproduction that appears exactly like the original, simply because it is done entirely by hand without any computer printing. However we assure that our paintings are extremely close to the original.

Please click here to see samples of our amazing reproductions.

4. Can you please explain the qualifications of your artists?

Each and every one of our artists has at least 10 years experience in oil painting reproduction and restoration. In addition to being highly talented, our artists have received many years of academic training in styles and art history. This translates into each artist demonstrating their own individual expertise. For example, rendering a work in an impressionist style can require the technique and experience far different from painting a portrait based on a photograph. By assigning your particular project to the most qualified artist in their specific expertise we can assure the highest quality result.

5. How much time does it take to paint a reproduction?

It depends on the size, style and complexity (i.e.,the number of subjects or detail) in the painting. The entire process typically spans 14-21 days.

6. Do your artists sign the painting?

At the customer's request our artists may either sign the painting or not sign it at all.

7. What is your reproduction process?

Please view the detailed video on our homepage.

8. What is your guarantee or return policy?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. When your painting is finished, we will email digital photos for your approval. If you are not satisfied, we will continue to improve the painting to achieve your goal. Upon receipt of the painting, If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us. You may return the painting to us within 3 days for either replacement or a full refund excluding shipping fees. Please contact us for an authorization # before returning any artwork. However custom orders and portraits
are not refundable.

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9. What if I cannot find a particular painting on your site?

Our customers may email a request by an artist name or title of the artwork. In addition, we have the ability to paint a reproduction from any photograph available. 

Please email us here with any further requests.

10. Do you carry other sizes?

Yes...We can paint any size.  

Please email us the size here and we will quote you a price.

11. How do you ship the paintings?

All orders are shipped worldwide via FEDEX, DHL or EMS, tracking and insurance are included. Paintings are rolled, packed and shipped in a secure tube.

12. What if my painting arrives damaged?

In the unfortunate event there should be damage to the artwork we will replace the painting immediately at no charge. Please note that it is required to document the incident and complete a report with the shipping carrier detailing the damage. 

Please email us here with a copy of the report including a photograph of the damage within 24 hrs.

13. Does your price include taxes and duties?

All of our prices are excluding any customs or import duties that may be applied. As every country has their individual demands, most countries do not charge taxes and duties for paintings. In the U.S. there are no taxes or duties. Please check your specific country for any additional charges that may apply.

14. Do you charge sales tax?

Florida residents are required to pay applicable sales tax, at approx 6.25%. This will be automatically added to all orders shipped to Florida. Any orders shipped to addresses outside the State Of Florida are not subject to sales tax.

If you have any other questions,  please feel free to email us here.


Judaica Art
Customer Service Team