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What we do?

We produce handmade Jewish art oil paintings at a fraction of the price of an original handmade oil painting masterpeice. We also export worldwide in museum quality oil painting reproductions of all styles and genres. We craft by hand the most beautiful art masterpeices and custom paintings to people around the world from modern paintings, classical paintings, abstracts and more.There is no reason why you can’t have an exquisite masterpiece of your own. Our talented and experienced artists work down to the finest details of those works by the world’s most renowned artists like Monet, Vangogh, Renoir, rembrandt and more. 

Jewish art Studio

Our Jewish art artist team consists of experienced and well-trained painters with professional background, so we can fast respond to the customer's large quantity demand on high quality products. Our goal is to meet our customer's needs with affordable prices, popular paintings designs, on-time delivery and guaranteed after-sale service! All works of art presented by our gallery are meticulously checked and carefully selected by a team of experienced professionals, so that every our customer may enjoy original artworks. Our exposition is continuously expanded and regularly renewed. Our gallery hosts practically all art styles and directions; therefore, we are sure that you will certainly find exactly what you need. If you are a gallery, interior designer or art store owner, and purchase regularly, then, you are also in the right place. Please call us for our special wholesale and quantity discounts. If there is a painting you want  that you do not see in this site, please email us with a picture of the painting. We can paint any painting. 

For those who would like to know a little about Jewish art. Many people think that the term “Jewish art” is in a contradiction within itself; after all how can certain art be Jewish? The truth is that the term Jewish art can consist of different paintings of flowers, still life paintings , black and white paintings, oil on canvas paintings, paintings of woman, abstract tree art, abstract flower art, abstract music art, black and white abstract art, abstract flower paintings, and other types of art that have been created by people of Jewish descent or a Jewish theme to the painting itself. They can also consist of all the above with Hebrew letters in the paintings.

Jewish art in History

Because of the different ways of approaching it, Jewish art has seen many changes throughout the course of years, spreading in synagogues, sacred books, tombstones, and even people’s homes. Many of the best Jewish artists have taken their time to revive some of the stories that have been told in the Bible, creating different paintings and other art that depict some of the most widely known events of the Bible, including God’s revelation to Samuel, the very creation of our world, Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones, and so much more. Although it was not until the bloom of the Enlightenment movement (Haskalah) that Jewish artists started focusing on drawing portraits, there are many cases of such events before it.

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